Appreciate The Lord

One of my pet peeves is that I often feel unappreciated.  I don't feel sorry for myself, but rather don't feel like I get the same amount of recognition that other's get for equal deeds.  I'm never the guy who gets promoted.  I often have to fight for every inch and that's ok.  I don't get recognized for accomplishments.  I always recognize the accomplishments of others and give words of praise.  I'm a dad now, so there's opportunities everyday for me to give encouragement.  I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't see everyone else around me getting recognition for their deeds.  I can only assume it happens for a reason, but never knew why.

It occurred to me this morning that for all of the great things God has done, will do today, and will do tomorrow, I don't show appreciation either.  In fact, His greatness and accomplishments, for which I show no appreciation, are orders of magnitude greater than anything I have done or could do.  Yet, I EXPECT recognition when I deserve it and get dissappointed when I don't.  Pretty ironic, huh?

It makes me think that I need to start recognizing all of the gifts that God and our Lord Jesus Christ have given me everyday of my life.  Maybe then I'll be worthy of praise and appreciation for my efforts.  It reminds me of something funny I heard the other day.  A new friend was telling me how for the longest time he had things backwards.  He shared the credit for his life with God alright, but it went like this.  "When something good happened, I said 'look what I did' and when things when something bad happened I blamed God."

It most certainly is the other way around.  God and Jesus Christ are the reason for all good things that happen in our lives.  God is an active God.  More often than not, we (or human nature) is to blame when things go wrong or when bad things happen.

Thanks for reading and Amen.


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