What can the Catholic Church learn from Penn State?

The Catholic Church has a lot more in common with Penn State than it realizes.  Penn State was an elite school with an esteemed Football program and legendary coach.  Somewhere along the way, evil set in and enabled Jerry Sandusky to happen.  As his behavior became known up the food chain, everyone chose to look the other way.  Doing this as if it were to protect the school's reputation somehow.  Well, Judgement happened in a way that could only have happened with God's influence.  Because Penn State didn't seize the opportunity to stop Sandusky themselves, they faced a bigger judge.  The law and the NCAA.  Let's review judgement that has passed:

  • Head Coach, Joe Paterno was fired.  Two months later, he died suddenly.  We later learned that Paterno concealed facts relating to Sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys and that he persuaded university officials not to report Sandusky to authorities in 2001.
  • Sandusky will be spending the rest of his life in prison.
  • The NCAA vacated (erased) 111 wins, including 6 bowl wins from Paterno's and Penn State's NCAA record dropping Paterno from the 2nd most winning NCAA coach to 12th.
  • The NCAA has also banned Penn State from postseason play for 4 years, a crushing blow to their recruiting efforts.
  • Penn State received a combined $73M fine from the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference.
  • Penn State's president had a landmark statue of Joe Paterno reomoved from campus.

For all intended purposes, Joe Paterno has been erased from the history books of the NCAA and Penn State.  Penn State's Football program is effectively dead for the next four years.  Neither Joe nor Jerry Sandusky will every freely walk the Earth again.

The lesson that the Catholic Church should be learning from this is "Repent or else".  It's that simple.  Penn State had the ability to repent and correct the situation and instead turned a blind eye for over a decade.  The result was that a higher power intevened and issues a very severe punihsment.

The Catholic Church has been hiding it's sins, most notably it's own sex scandals, and turning their heads in much the same way as Penn State and Joe Paterno did.  Homosexual, pedifile priests are the only problem that the Catholic Church has been turning a blind eye too.  In many ways, they are the Apostate Church in the book of Relelations.  Descecrating God's word and laws with pagan rules and rituals defy Gods will.  Everything that God wants us to know and do is in the bible, yet many of the things that the Catholic Church practices are not.  You do the math.

My point is that God had a hand in Penn State which is why the judgement was so devastating.  It was a shot across the bow for the rest of us.  If the Catholic Church doesn't step up, repent, roll some heads on their own, Jesus will judge them in a way that will make Penn State's fate look like a celebration.

I pray for the Catholic Church because I realize that satan has infiltrated it and I pray that God provides them the strength to clean house.





Wow...the way you're

Wow...the way you're addressing the Church is truly saddening. I agree that the sex abuse cases are totally evil...but to call the Catholic Mass a "pagan ritual" is way out of line. There are some serious issues between you and the Church. You have my email if you ever want to talk about it.


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