Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, and God

I just realized that my last post was hours before the massacre in Egypt at Benghazi that marked the anniversary of 9/11 (of which I am a WTC survivor of) and took the lives of 4 Americans, including our ambassador.  I'm too busy to read into that, but it's interesting.

I remember when Hurricane Sandy was heading towards NYC.  I didn't think much of the name.  The next morning when they were showing some of the early damage in New Jersey, I was struck by how EVERYTHING was covered in sand.  A foot or more of sand covered many streets.  I remember thinking "Sandy" was a fitting name after all!

I also remember thinking about Sandy Hook.  It's a popular beach town and I'm from New Jersey and used to drive down the Garden State Parkway to go to the beach when I was younger.  Sandy Hook got slammed.  In fact, Hurricane Sandy brought record-breaking waves just off of Sandy Hook.

Then there was yesterday in Connecticut.  

As a dad of a son who just turned 9 years old, I am equally horrified, saddened, and angered by the evil that took the lives of 20 kindergarten and first graders between the ages of 6-7 years old.  I've been really busy and putting in a lot of hours this week, but it took my until just now to realize that the school that had the shooting was named "Sandy Hook".  Wow.  That is not a coincidence.  But what is the connection?

Prior to realizing the name of the school, I was thinking about the pure evil that was involved in the shooting.  I was getting really angry because I was just waiting to hear all of the BS excuses from the kid having ADD to anti-gun groups politicizing this and all of the talking heads.  I know the real reason and it's a simple one.  It came out in a rant on email and went like this:

"This is nothing more than the natural consequences of kicking God out of our country and giving him the finger.  Today's generation of Parents are lazy self-centered narcissists that convince themselves that they don't have to (and won't) sacrifice anything to raise a child and wind up raising them like you would a pet.  

They have plenty of excuses for letting schools, strangers, and in-laws raise their kids.  Parenting = "dropping off" your kid somewhere.  It's amazing.  People are too lazy to park their car and walk their kids into grammar school (so they sit in "car lines" so they can text and read email and talk on the phone).  Then the kids grow up as apathetic narcissists with an insatiable sense of entitlement which becomes anger and then absentee parents put then on meds for imaginary behavior problems that they'd never think to blame on their autopilot parenting.
So, we now have a generation of messed up kids raising themselves with no sense of right/wrong or boundaries and we "raise them" by sedating them with chemicals.  We are producing a very DANGEROUS generation.  My neighbor's kid is several years younger than mine and has been raised by his grandparents while both parents work.  Fox News is on 24x7 in the house and the kids knows more about Seal Team 6, the killing of Bin Laden, drones and terrorist beheadings than ANY person should.  This kid is so desensitized to violence and there's nobody spending the time to even attempt to help him process it.  I guarantee this kid is dead or in jail by the time he's 20….and it's not his fault.  
Another kid, 1 year older than mine is getting an Xbox for Christmas because (as his mother told me) he wants "Medal of Honor - Black Ops"!!!  This is rated M-Mature (not even T for Teen!).  It's not the games and the TV shows, it's the complete lack of parenting!
This is not about politics.  It's about a complete lack of responsibility, morality, and ethics in this country."


So, I'm thinking about how this is another example of what a United States without God is shaping up to look like.  I really believe that.  But then that got me thinking about Hurricane Sandy.  At the time I was reading The Harbinger and I believe it makes a compelling case about how the further the U.S. moves away from God, the more we are going to feel the absence of His protection and blessings.  I truely believe that and I am worried for my country.

The Harbinger tells the story of Isaiah 9:10 (coincidentally the date of my last post was 9/10) and the destruction of ancient Israel because the Jews had turned their back on God, stopped following his rules, and started creating their own laws.  God, being a loving God and having infinite mercy, sent signs to Israel as wake up calls and to get them to repent.  They were too removed from God to see them as signs and responded arrogantly.  Eventually the "alarms" grew and grew and fell on deaf ears until Judgment was inevitable.  The book is written by a messianic rabbi from......New Jersey (more dots connecting).  He has seen parallels to 9/11 in New York city and the catastrophies that led to the destruction of ancient Israel.

So, I saw Sandy, like Katrina, and 9/11 as increasing signs that God is not pleased with how society in the U.S. has turned his back on him.  This nation was born "under God" and everything about it was a promise and pledge to God.  We've removed God from our schools (think it's a coincidence that the Sandy Hook is a school?), our public buildings, and attack Christianity and Christmas as every turn.  We embrace abortion as a "right", and deface the sacrament of Marriage by promoting "Gay Marriage", and now are legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook shootings, and the fact that I was pretty sure that both were a sign from God, I did some searching and found this video that explains a further connection between natural disasters in the U.S. and our support of a Palistinian State (which basically defies God's will for the Jews in Israel).

God loves us, but is warning us about the coming Judgment to the U.S.  Will we listen or will we become the next ancient Israel?

God Bless.


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